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100-yard Bench Rest

  • Safety is the number one priority. If any shooter breaks any range rules a RSO will speak with the competitor and educate them on safety.  In the event of a flagrant safety violation, a repeat violation or shooting during a cold range order the shooter will be immediately disqualified.  There will be no appeals for safety violations. Disqualifications issued from a  RSO are final and no refunds will be issued in the event of a disqualification due to a safety violation.

  • Eye protection must be used when competing, shooting or when anyone is passed the firing line. In addition to wearing eye protection while competing, eye protection must be worn by all persons moving about the ranges and surrounding areas.

  • Muzzles/rifles must remain downrange at all times.

  •  Guns must be taken out from a case, on the bench, during cold range time.

  • Cheating will NOT be tolerated. Any person attempting/caught cheating will be disqualified immediately from all events with no refund.

  •  Be on time for your event. If you are not on the line at the start of your scheduled heat, you will not be shooting in the event. If you are late you will not compete. There are no makeup heats.

  •  Shooters are allowed to safely fill their guns during the event as many times as necessary. Guns must remain on the bench at all times pointing down range.

  •  There is no tethering of tanks to rifles during the competition.

  •  Ammo must be massed produced, diabolo domed pellets. NO SLUGS OR CAST BULLETS ARE ALLOWED. Examples of approved ammo are JSB Diabolo, FX Pellets, H&N etc. ***AMMO WILL BE INSPECTED ON THE BENCH BEFORE EACH ROUND.*** No pre-loaded magazines. All magazines will start the match empty and ready for inspection.

  •  If a shooter thinks their target was shot by another competitor, they must make it known immediately to a range officer. Raise your hand and we will take note of the shot and investigate the target after the round. In Pro Class crossfire will result in disqualification of the shooter that shot the wrong target. It will be determined by the event staff as to which bench the crossfire came from. 

  •  One-piece rests are allowed.

  •  Wind indicators must stay in your lane.

  •  Qualifying Targets will be available to inspect, review and challenge on Saturday. Scoring challenges will be taken extremely seriously. If a scoring error was made we will make the correct adjustments.

  •  You may have a backup gun on hand, it must be the same caliber as the gun you start with. For safety, you must raise your hand and have a range office assist with the transition.

  •  Once the round has started you cannot receive assistance from anyone other than a range office. This includes spotting help, coaching, or advice. Communication must be relayed through a range officer.

  •  Cell phones must be on silent. No communication through your cell phone during the match.

  •  Competitors will be allowed to very briefly view their target down range after each heat. Any physical touching of your target pre-scoring will result in disqualification.

  •  We recommend staying at your bench until the time is expired. Your gun must not leave the bench until the range is cold.

  • The maximum caliber for the 100-yard bench is .35 caliber.


















Scoring and Format
100-Yard Bench

  • A 2 card qualifier will be shot at a distance of 100 Yards.

  • Targets are to be set at exactly 100 yards from the front line of benches.

  • 1 Final Round at 100 Yards.

  • 25 targets. One shot allowed per scorable target. Target cards are 4 ft. x 3 ft. in size.

  • If multiple shots are taken on the same target ring, the highest score will be taken. A -10 penalty will be assessed for any additional shots over 25 in the designated target area.

  • Best edge scoring will be used in the scoring of targets. Plugs will be used to determine borderline shots.

  • All rounds have a 30-minute time limit. In the event every shooter finishes before the 30-minute limit we will end the heat.

  • Bench positions will be randomly drawn in advance for the semi-finals. On the morning of the final shooters will draw for bench position.


  • If there is a tie, scoring will revert to the higher number of X’s shot. If there is a tie on the number of X’s the scoring will revert to the highest number of 10’s, then 9’s, then 8’s, etc. until a winner is declared. If in the almost impossible circumstance that both cards are shot exactly the same, there will be a tie, and prize money will be split accordingly for the finals. For finals qualification, there will be a coin flip to determine which shooter will advance in that situation.

  • A .35 caliber plug will be used for scoring.

  • There will be a $50.00 fee to challenge a target score. If an error in scoring is found the $50.00 will be given back to the shooter.

Precision Shooter Challenge


  • Shooters will be randomly drawn into squads prior to the event. Squads will be divided into 8 groups.

  • There will be 8 stages set up for Pro and 6 Stages for Sportsman. Pro will be divided into 8 groups and Sportsman into 6 groups with different outlined courses of fire. Shooters will move together with their squads through each stage until all are completed.

  • Shooters will be required to complete the course of fire with a variety of different targets, distances, obstacles and shooting positions. (Offhand, kneeling, from a barricade, etc.) Each stage will have a pre-determined scoring format and course of fire.

  • We have around 100 shooters competing in these events. Please be prepared to compete and have your magazines loaded, rifles aired up and equipment ready to go. We want this to move smoothly and need everyone to be ready to go. All preparation needs to be completed before the relay starts.

  • Scoring will typically be 10 points per hit on target. We may have higher point targets that are more difficult. Certain stages may have bonus points for finishing the stage without a miss.

  • Shooters must complete the courses exactly as they are lined out to qualify for prizes. If you are unable to physically shoot from different positions you will get a zero for the stage.


***Please be aware the Precision Shooter Challenge is a physically demanding event. You will be required to move from different positions (For Example: Prone to Sitting to Standing). For the safety of volunteers and other shooters we would ask that you would only compete if you are physically ready.***

Precision Shooter Challenge


  •  Cheating will NOT be tolerated. Any person attempting/caught cheating will be disqualified immediately from all events with no refund.

  • Eye protection must be used when competing, shooting or when anyone is passed the firing line.

  •  No semi-auto guns are allowed.

  • Safety is the number one priority. If any shooter breaks any range rules or has a safety violation, they will be immediately disqualified.

  •  The Precision Shooter Challenge  will require shooters to move around the range with their guns. Before and after you have completed a stage you have remove the magazine, de-cock or dryfire, engage the safety, keep the bolt open, and put a chamber flag in the gun. Also, you will need to keep your gun pointed straight up at all times. There will be NO MAGAZINES in guns unless you are on the bench or shooting obstacle area. SAFETY IS THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!

  •  Each stage will have rules posted prior to the event determining what shooting aids you will be allowed to use. We would recommend at least bringing a bipod and shooting bag. Some stages may NOT allow a rear rest.

  • You will have a very limited amount of time to get in the shooting position once the previous shooters have vacated. If you are not on the line at the start of your scheduled heat or take too long to get in shooting position the clock will start. There will be no make-ups for missed shooting times.

  •  .30 caliber and lower.

  • Ammo may be slugs or pellets for this event.

  •  No practice shots at the stage area. No pre-staging on barricades/obstacles.

  • A shot before the time starts will be an instant forfeit of the stage.

  •  We will have spotters & scorers at each stage. All final scoring decisions are left to the range officer.

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