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100 Yard benchrest

Shooting the 100-yard bench rest at the world-class Sig Sauer Academy will be a joy and a challenge. With ever-changing New England weather, competitors need to be at the top of their game if they want to score well. The bench rest event will have two qualifier rounds and the finals.

There are 25 targets per card that will have one shot per target. The maximum caliber is .35 and it is a PELLET ONLY competition. Competitors have 30 minutes to complete their cards.

Precision shooter Challenge

This is a PRS-style competition that is physically demanding. Shooters will be required to shoot from various positions and from a multitude of obstacles. Adding to the difficulty, shooters will have added pressure of the clock. Take too long and you will lose points but, beat the clock and score some bonus points!

There will be 8 courses of fire which will have targets at distances from 25 to over 180 yards. Precision shooting, agility, and balance will all play a part in achieving good scores.

Ammo selection for this event is either pellet or slugs.

Please be aware the Precision Shooter Challenge is a physically demanding event. You will be required to move from different positions (For Example: Prone to Sitting to Standing). For the safety of volunteers and other shooters, we would ask that you would only compete if you are physically able & ready.


The Pro-Am will pair up two competitors (one pro and one sportsman) which will be drawn randomly. The 2 person team will compete in a PRS-style challenge that will test both shooters with targets at varying distances. The competitor will have a choice of targets to shoot and must call the target out loud before making his or her shot. The competitors have the opportunity to score higher points by choosing the smaller targets that carry higher point values. The competitors have 200 seconds to complete the course of fire and must call out their targets before engaging them.

squatch-bomb challenge

The Squatchbomb is a long-range steel Sasquatch target event. 3 different size Sas targets will be placed at specific distances. Shooters will have 3 minutes and 8 shots to hit all 3 targets. Shooters can shoot from any position except a bench. No spotter help is allowed. Oh, and the last target will have a Firebird reactive target stuck to it. You MUST hit and explode the Firebird to win. Good luck!

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